How To Manage Rotation of Singers in Karaoke Software

Running a karaoke event is not easy. You need to make sure that everyone gets their turn to sing. In the past this was done with paper slips and smart ways of organizing them by karaoke hosts. Now we have powerful Karaoke Software like Siglos Karaoke Professional to make things go smooth and fair for everyone.

By default Siglos Karaoke Professional manages the singer rotation for you in a simplest manner possible. New singers are added to the end of the rotation, new requests for the singers already in the rotation are added after new singers. But sometimes you want to change this to make some manual adjustments. For instance your regular has to sing two songs, but wants to leave early. There are two ways to make this happen. You may either use default settings when adding singer to the queue and then use ⭐ button in the Rotation window to make him/her sing next.

Make singer next button in Rotation window

It will make the singer jump up in the queue after the current performer (or straight to the beginning of the queue if nobody is singing).

You may also control this when adding a new singer in Add Singer window. At the bottom of that window you will find a list of options that control the position of the new singer.

Rotation position options in Add Singer

So to make the singer go next you need to select After the current singer. You may also find Not sooner than […] helpful. It allows you to define how many singers already in the rotation need to sing before new singer gets on stage. This feature will be very useful in new singers join the party in the middle of the evening and you do not want to disturb the flow of the show.

Siglos gives you also the option to hand-pick the position of the new singer (ie. After John), which you may want to use if John’s wife is desperate to sing straight after her husband.

Discover the efficiency and fairness of managing karaoke events with cutting-edge Karaoke Software like Siglos Karaoke Professional. Seamlessly handling singer rotations, this software simplifies the process for hosts, ensuring everyone gets their chance to shine. With intuitive features like manual adjustments and precise queue control, Siglos empowers hosts to tailor the karaoke experience to perfection, making every event a resounding success. Elevate your karaoke nights with Siglos Karaoke Professional today!