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March 28, 2022

How To Manage Rotation of Singers in Karaoke Software

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Running a karaoke event is not easy. You need to make sure that everyone gets their turn to sing. In the past this was done with paper slips and smart ways of organizing them by karaoke hosts. Now we have powerful karaoke software like Siglos Karaoke Professional to make things go smooth and fair for everyone.

By default Siglos Karaoke Professional manages the singer rotation for you in a simplest manner possible. New singers are added to the end of the rotation, new requests for the singers already in the rotation are added after new singers. But sometimes you want to change this to make some manual adjustments. For instance your regular has to sing two songs, but wants to leave early. There are two ways to make this happen. You may either use default settings when adding singer to the queue and then use ⭐ button in the Rotation window to make him/her sing next.

Make singer next button in Rotation window

It will make the singer jump up in the queue after the current performer (or straight to the beginning of the queue if nobody is singing).

You may also control this when adding a new singer in Add Singer window. At the bottom of that window you will find a list of options that control the position of the new singer.

Rotation position options in Add Singer

So to make the singer go next you need to select After the current singer. You may also find Not sooner than […] helpful. It allows you to define how many singers already in the rotation need to sing before new singer gets on stage. This feature will be very useful in new singers join the party in the middle of the evening and you do not want to disturb the flow of the show.

Siglos gives you also the option to hand-pick the position of the new singer (ie. After John), which you may want to use if John’s wife is desperate to sing straight after her husband.

March 16, 2022

Organize songs in collections in Siglos Karaoke Professional software

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Siglos Karaoke Professional has a database that can manage hundreds of thousands of songs in fast and easy manner. However sometimes you may want to organize them not only using provided search features, but by your own key. You may want to separate songs based on an artist, but what to do if you would like a group of songs by both Beatles and John Lennon? This comes especially handy if you are using a remote interface to provide automatic songbooks and request for your singers.

Collections in Siglos Karaoke Professional are a way to do this. This functionality allows to create unlimited categories by which you may sort your songs. All this comes in a simple to use package accessible from Songs database window.

Songs database window

The most forward way to create a new collection is to filter the songs you want it to contain and then use Add new button.

Add new song collection

Siglos Karaoke Professional will ask for a name of the collection you want to add and then will assign all filtered songs to the collection. The collections are available from the list, you may modify and edit them them as you wish.

Add visible songs to collection

In the example above I have filtered songs by John Lennon and then added them to Beatles collection using Add All Visible button.

Collections are saved in Siglos database, so if you need to change the computer all you have to do is copy the siglos.db file from Documents / My Karaoke folder.

Collections play special role when using the remote queue interface. More on this subject in the article to come.

March 15, 2022

Using custom values for Skip silence in Siglos Karaoke Professional

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Our professional karaoke hosting software has an option to automatically detect and skip silence at the beginning and at the end of the song. This will reduce the dead air, skip over song titles, and credits page. All this is done automatically, the software detects when the music starts and jumps there.

There are songs that start with a lengthy instrumental introduction and while it is cool to listen to, you may want to skip them during performances. You could use automatic instrumental skip option, but you may also choose to use custom per song values for skip silence at the beginning.

One of the songs that are known for long instrumental beginning part is Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. The first step to deal with it will be to find the song in Songs Database.

Siglos Karaoke Professional song database

Once you have located the song you need to click Edit to open song properties editor.

Siglos Karaoke Professional Song Properties

As you can see the song uses global settings for silence detection. If you click Scan now button you will find what values will Siglos use when playing the song.

Siglos Karaoke Professional silence detection custom value

To modify the automatic start of the song you need to enter appropriate value in second into Custom field. Here I have instructed Siglos to skip 30 seconds from the beginning of the song, removing part of the intro. This value will be used every time the song is being played. To revert to the default settings you need to reopen Song Properties and switch back to Global settings.

Song Properties are also accessible through Edit song button in Song details window that can be opened for currently selected song on the rotation or playlist (there is Details button on the rotation window to open or hide Song details window).

March 14, 2022

What is multiplex audio and how to use it in Siglos Karaoke Player software

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Most karaoke backing tracks contain instrumental part only. This is great while singing and performing, but sometimes it would be nice to have a guide to sing along with. Of course you can sing along to the original recording, however is happen that karaoke version differs from the source recording. Also if you are a karaoke host and you would like to help the singer that is struggling with a particular performance, you have an option to sing with them, but what if you cannot sing good enough? Multiplex audio comes to the rescue here. It is a special kind of a backing track that has vocals removed in one of the stereo channels and full vocals in the other. If you were using karaoke machines in the past, they all had balance know that would allow for adjustment of multiplex audio. But what to do nowadays, when all the karaoke is played from the computer with karaoke software like we make?

Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder and Siglos Karaoke Professional karaoke software players both support multiplex audio. There is a slider on the main program window that works just as the balance know used to work in the karaoke machines.

Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder main window

It is marked with red rectangle on the image above.

If your karaoke song contains multiplex audio, you can control it with this slider.

Mutliplex audio control in Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder software works in all types of files, so you can play CD+G discs, MP3+G files, or video files, and you can use the multiplex audio feature on every one of them.

And this all does not stop here. Karaoke Sound Tools 3 can create a multiplex karaoke song from a regular recording. All you have to do is drop an audio MP3 file and Karaoke Sound Tools will remove the vocal part and then mix appropriately to create multiplex track.

March 17, 2021

Moving image background added to karaoke converters

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In version 2.1.12 of Power CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter and Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter we have introduced animated video backgrounds. Whenever the converter detects that background image file is at least twice as long as is it tall, an animated mode will be enabled and the image will be smoothly panned behind the lyrics. We have also added over a dozen images that use this mode.

Karaoke Video Converter animated background

March 10, 2021

Improved YouTube playback in Siglos

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Version of Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder and Siglos Karaoke Professional brings updated YouTube playback. We have added technology that allows direct playback of YouTube videos within Siglos without the need of downloading them. You may also use key and tempo change with YouTube now!

Play from YouTube in Siglos Karaoke Player

February 9, 2021

Text snippets in Karaoke Video Creator and Karaoke CD+G Creator

Starting from version 2.5.1 both Karaoke Video Creator and Karaoke CD+G Creator have the ability to define text snippets that can be inserted using predefined shortcut key.

Text snippet is a part of a song (lyrics and events) that can be reused. You may define as many text snippets as you like, you can also move them between computers.

To define a text snippet:

Select the text you would like to save as a snippet

  1. Choose Text snippets from Edit window or right-click the selected text, choose Insert text snippet from a drop-down menu and then choose Edit snippets from a submenu
  1. Text Snippets window will open. You will see the text you have selected in the Preview field. Your snippet will be auto-named (you may change the name of the snippet by typing the new name in the name field and then clicking Rename button)
  1. You may switch between snippets by selecting them from the drop-down list. You may also remove currently selected snipped using Remove button
  2. If you would like to insert a snippet using keyboard, you may define the hotkey for it. To do this use Assign hot key button. You may use combination of alphanumeric keys with SHIFT, ALT and CTRL.
  3. Selecting Close will save your snippet collection. Cancel will abandon the changes.

To insert a text snippet:

Position the cursor in the place you would like to insert the snippet and select Text snippets from Edit menu, choose the snippet to insert and click Insert


Right-click with your mouse and choose the snippet from Insert text snippet submenu


Use the hotkey defined for the snippet

To copy snippets to another computer:

Choose Export from Tools menu in Text snippets window. You will be able to choose a location of the file. All snippets will be saved. Move this file to a destination computer and choose Import there. You will be presented an option of replacing the snippets or appending them (with renaming if necessary).

June 16, 2016

Equalizer added to Siglos in 2.0.48

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In version 2.0.48 of Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder and Siglos Karaoke Professional we have added a 10-band high-quality graphic equalizer. It comes with several factory-made presets and allows you to create and save your own. Plus it looks great!


June 8, 2016

Singer countdowns in Siglos Professional

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Siglos Karaoke Professional 2.0.47 has a nice feature added. Part of the scrolling message is now used to display the timer that counts down time left for the next singer. Its color changes too, so when it is red, it is high time to get there and sing!

red yellow green

To control the behavior of the countdown go to Settings / KJ and choose Countdown button.



February 6, 2013

Convert CD+G into HD videos with Karaoke Video Creator

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Today we have released the new version of Karaoke Video Creator. It has the CD+G import module that allows to convert CD+G songs into HD videos. We have also improved the quality and feel of the videos, it is now very easy to create videos in high definition, like the one below. Other changes include:

+ Added CD+G Import
+ Added gradient effect
+ Added separate color for shadow
+ Added ‘Apply’ to Video Settings window
* Video Settings window remembers last selected tab
+ Added common resolutions
+ Added panning video backgrounds
+ Added default settings controls to Video File Setting / Presets
* Video files can now be used as soundtracks
+ Added ‘Load from current song’ to style editor

And the sample video is here:


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