Singer Countdowns in Siglos Professional

Siglos Karaoke Professional 2.0.47 has a nice feature added. Part of the scrolling message is now used to display the Singer Countdowns in Siglos that is time left for the next singer. Its color changes too, so when it is red, it is high time to get there and sing!

red yellow green

To control the behavior of the countdown go to Settings / KJ and choose Countdown button.


Siglos Karaoke Professional 2.0.47 isn’t just about stunning visuals and flawless sound – it’s about creating an engaging karaoke experience for everyone. The new countdown timer showcased in the scrolling message is a perfect example! You can easily track your turn coming up and even amp up the excitement with the color change to red, prompting you to grab the mic and take the stage. So, fire up your Karaoke Video Maker, pick your favorite song, and prepare to belt it out with Siglos – the countdown is on!