Convert CD+G into HD Videos with Karaoke Video Creator

Today we have released the new version of Karaoke Video Creator. It has the CD+G import module that allows to convert CD+G songs into HD videos. We have also improved the quality and feel of the videos, it is now very easy to create videos in high definition, like the one below. Other changes include:

+ Added CD+G Import
+ Added gradient effect
+ Added separate color for shadow
+ Added ‘Apply’ to Video Settings window
* Video Settings window remembers last selected tab
+ Added common resolutions
+ Added panning video backgrounds
+ Added default settings controls to Video File Setting / Presets
* Video files can now be used as soundtracks
+ Added ‘Load from current song’ to style editor

And the sample video is here:

Whether you own a CD+G Karaoke Machine or prefer the convenience of digital formats, Karaoke Video Creator empowers you to create personalized karaoke experiences that shine. So dust off those CD+G discs, unleash your creativity, and get ready to sing your heart out in vibrant HD!