CD+G Karaoke and Windows Media Player. And something free, too.

Some like it, some hate it, but all have it. Windows Media Player comes with Windows and grew from a small tool to a powerful multimedia player. If only it could play karaoke… But wait, it can.

Power CD+G Filter

All you need is Power CD+G Filter, a small utility that allows to play CD+G files from the hard disc in Windows Media Player. It does not play CD+G discs, you need to save them to the hard disc first. Power CD+G Filter supports MP3+G and BIN formats.

Power CD+G Filter costs $19 (trial version with watermark is available) . But wait… didn’t the title promise something free? And indeed you may get Power CD+G Filter for free using TrialPay. Here’s how it works: You choose from a selection of offers from qualifying partner companies. When you complete an offer, you receive a free license for the software. You may learn more about it on TrialPay website.

How TrialPay works

While Windows Media Player is a versatile tool, it doesn’t natively play karaoke CD+G discs. If you’re looking for a dedicated solution for enjoying your karaoke library, consider investing in a Karaoke CDG Player. These devices are specifically designed to play CD+G discs, offering smooth playback with synchronized lyrics displayed on a screen.