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February 1, 2008

CD+G Karaoke and Windows Media Player. And something free, too.

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Some like it, some hate it, but all have it. Windows Media Player comes with Windows and grew from a small tool to a powerful multimedia player. If only it could play karaoke… But wait, it can.

Power CD+G Filter

All you need is Power CD+G Filter, a small utility that allows to play CD+G files from the hard disc in Windows Media Player. It does not play CD+G discs, you need to save them to the hard disc first. Power CD+G Filter supports MP3+G and BIN formats.

Power CD+G Filter costs $19 (trial version with watermark is available) . But wait… didn’t the title promise something free? And indeed you may get Power CD+G Filter for free using TrialPay. Here’s how it works: You choose from a selection of offers from qualifying partner companies. When you complete an offer, you receive a free license for the software. You may learn more about it on TrialPay website.

How TrialPay works


January 30, 2008

iPod Touch: Star Trek karaoke

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When I was younger I liked StarTrek TNG a lot. So my first thought when I got my new iPod Touch was ‘This would fit Mr Data‘. It is a cool toy — the design is slick, and the user interface is amazing. It actually looks like made user interface displayed in movies, with windows zooming and sliding at the touch of a finger. And it has a position sensor — if you flip it sideways the display also flips. Impressive.

iPod Touch with its big display can be a great tool for practicing your karaoke. The lyrics are clearly visible, and the playback is smooth. And with video output cable you may connect your iPod to the TV and play your karaoke there. The bad thing is that you need to purchase a cable from Apple, as the trick for using cheap A/V cable that used to work for iPod video does not work with Touch.

iPod Touch playing karaoke

iPod Touch uses MP4 format for videos. To load your karaoke there you can use Power CD+G to iPod Karaoke Converter (trial version available, lifetime license is $39). It reads CD+G discs directly, or you may use MP3+G files from your hard disc.

Power CD+G to iPod Karake Converter

Power CD+G to iPod Karaoke Converter screenshot

January 28, 2008

Welcome to Karaoke Software Blog

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I finally decided to join the blogging community — welcome to karaoke software blog.

I will try to make this blog a source of useful information about karaoke and karaoke software, will show you some tricks and advanced features, and will add some personal views from time to time. As I am pretty new to blogging I will need some time to learn how to move around, but new posts should be appearing soon.

See you back soon!


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