What is multiplex audio and how to use it in Siglos Karaoke Player software

Most karaoke backing tracks contain instrumental part only. This is great while singing and performing, but sometimes it would be nice to have a guide to sing along with. Of course you can sing along to the original recording, however is happen that karaoke version differs from the source recording. Also if you are a karaoke host and you would like to help the singer that is struggling with a particular performance, you have an option to sing with them, but what if you cannot sing good enough? Multiplex audio comes to the rescue here. It is a special kind of a backing track that has vocals removed in one of the stereo channels and full vocals in the other. If you were using karaoke machines in the past, they all had balance know that would allow for adjustment of multiplex audio. But what to do nowadays, when all the karaoke is played from the computer with karaoke software like we make?

Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder and Siglos Karaoke Professional karaoke software players both support multiplex audio. There is a slider on the main program window that works just as the balance know used to work in the karaoke machines.

Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder main window

It is marked with red rectangle on the image above.

If your karaoke song contains multiplex audio, you can control it with this slider.

Mutliplex audio control in Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder software works in all types of files, so you can play CD+G discs, MP3+G files, or video files, and you can use the multiplex audio feature on every one of them.

And this all does not stop here. Karaoke Sound Tools 3 can create a multiplex karaoke song from a regular recording. All you have to do is drop an audio MP3 file and Karaoke Sound Tools will remove the vocal part and then mix appropriately to create multiplex track.

Experience the ultimate convenience with our software’s compatibility with CDG Karaoke Players, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup. Whether you’re a seasoned karaoke host or an enthusiastic singer, our software empowers you to control multiplex audio effortlessly, just like the traditional balance knob on CDG karaoke machines. Elevate your karaoke sessions with precision and flexibility, all from the comfort of your computer. Upgrade to Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder or Siglos Karaoke Professional today to revolutionize your karaoke experience.

Remove Vocals from any song with Karaoke Sound Tools 3

Vocal removers have been present in previous versions of Karaoke Sound Tools and in Karaoke Creator product line, however the results varied depending on the quality of the recording and the mixing techniques used. With Karaoke Sound Tools 3 this is no longer an issue. We have incorporated powerful deep learning technology that now allows to make a perfect backing track from nearly all songs, regardless of where they come from. It even works with really old songs!

And more good news: using vocal remover in Karaoke Sound Tools 3 is as easy as it gets. There are no advanced settings, the software simply gets the job done.

So to remove a lead vocal from the song you need to open it in Karaoke Sound Tools 3. Either drag and drop or use Browse button. The program will analyze the song, it may take a second or two.

Karaoke Sound Tools 3 main window

Once the song is loaded and analyzed you may use Play result button to listen if the singing voice is really gone. In most cases it is.

You may also apply two additional effects to the processed song. Key changer allows to adjust the pitch of the song, so you can make it lower or higher to better suit your voice. You may also use Tempo changer to slow down or speed up the song.

Once you are happy with the results you are hearing, click Run button. Karaoke Sound Tools 3 will save the results as MP3 file (you can adjust the compression settings).

And as you have probably noticed, Karaoke Sound Tools 3 have two other processing modes: Merge that allows to combine several karaoke songs into one long medley, and Clip to remove silence from the song without breaking it.

In addition to its vocal removal capabilities, Karaoke Sound Tools 3 offers seamless integration with your favorite Karaoke Player. With just a few clicks, you can export your perfected backing tracks in MP3 format, ready to be played on any karaoke software of your choice. Whether you’re hosting a party or practicing at home, Karaoke Sound Tools 3 ensures that your karaoke experience is smooth and hassle-free. Upgrade today and elevate your karaoke sessions to new heights!

Trial version is available for download so you can check the magic it does for yourself before making a purchase.

CD Drive not Visible in Karaoke Software on Windows 10 and 11 (disable ransomware protection)

If you are running Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder, Power CD+G Burner , or Karaoke Video Maker that allows CD reading or writing, you may encounter a nasty problem in latest versions of Windows 10 or 11 that results in CD drive not being visible or accessible. This would make playing, ripping and burning karaoke impossible. This is due to Windows being overprotective (which probably is a good thing) in its effort to block ransomware. Fortunately the solution is available if few simple steps.

If your drive is not listed in karaoke software, you need to disable ransomware protection for karaoke program that you are using. To do this follow these steps (screenshots are for Windows 11, but steps for Windows 10 are the same):

  1. Run Windows Security from Start menu
Run Windows Security from Start menu

2. Select Virus & threat protection and click Manage ransomware protection at the bottom

Open Manage ransomware protection

3. Click Allow an app through Controlled folder access

Click Allow an app through

You will be asked for a confirmation a this point.

4. Click Add an allowed app and choose Recently blocked apps

Add an allowed app

5. Click plus sign next to Siglos (or other karaoke software that you want to unblock)

Recently blocked apps

6. Siglos should disappear from the list

No recent blocks

And that is it — you are good to go. You will not have any issue of that CD Drive not Visible in Karaoke Software on Windows and Siglos will play your CD+G discs again.

Happy singing!

How to use Merge Singers in Siglos Karaoke Professional Hosting Software

Imagine that you have made a mistake when entering a singer name during a show and singer complains that they cannot access their song history. Or that a singer has entered his name with a typo using remote client tool, then fixed it and you ended up with John and Johhn. Now Siglos Karaoke Professional allows you to clean up these errors. Check out our Guide on how to Merge Singers in Karaoke Software.

Version of Siglos Karaoke Professional has a cool new feature that allows to merge two or more singer accounts into one.

First you need to open Edit Singers window (use Edit Singers button in Add Singer window). Then select singer accounts you would like to merge (it needs to be two or more, as many as you like) and click Merge button on the right.

Edit Singers window

Siglos will ask you which singer would you like to keep. You can select it from the list, all singers you have chosen in the previous step will appear here.

Merge Singers prompt window

Now Siglos does its magic and you end up with one singer account. All songs from the histories of other singers will be moved to the one that is left.

Edit Singers window with merged singers

This new feature will be great for housekeeping. You may also merge singers in Karaoke Software from different venues.

Silence Detection in MP4 in Siglos Karaoke Professional

If you are running your show using CD+G songs, you should be familiar with silence detection, which allows to skip silence at the beginning and at the end of the song to make the show go smoother and faster. However you might not know that the same option of Silence Detection for MP4 Songs is available — you need to enable it in Settings / KJ.

Skip silence for all types of files in Siglos Karaoke Professional

Now Siglos will scan all video files are remove silence at the beginning and at the end.

Please remember that skipping instrumentals is only available for CD+G files.

Upgrade your karaoke experience with Siglos, the ultimate solution for professional karaoke machine setups. With advanced features like silence detection for both CD+G and MP4 songs, your shows will run smoother and faster, ensuring seamless entertainment for you and your audience. Take your karaoke hosting to the next level with Siglos today!

Add Empty Button in Siglos Karaoke Professional

When running a Karaoke show sometimes you want to add a regular singer before he shows up and requests songs, just to reserve his place in the rotation. With Siglos Karaoke Professional you can do this using Add Empty button, which adds singer to the rotation and does not require any songs to be assigned to the singer.

Add empy in Add Singer window of Siglos Karaoke Professional

You may later assign songs to the singer by double-clicking her/his name in the Rotation list or by using Quick songs window.

With Siglos Karaoke Professional, managing your karaoke rotation has never been easier. Seamlessly integrate regular singers into your lineup with the “Add Empty” button in Karaoke Software, ensuring their place is reserved even before they arrive. Plus, effortlessly assign songs to singers on-the-go, whether through the Rotation list or the convenient Quick songs window, making your Karaoke Player experience smoother and more efficient than ever before.

Send Message to Host added to Siglos Karaoke Professional

Version of Siglos Karaoke Professional adds one more option to remote interface. If you enable ‘Message host’ button, it opens the page that allow your customers to send you messages that appear in the remote queue among remote requests (messages are marked by different color).

Message host in Siglos Karaoke Professional

This may be used for ‘Remove me from the list’ or ‘Do you have song …’ messages that will allow to run your show more smoothly.

Improved CD+G Import in Karaoke Video Creator and Karaoke CD+G Creator software

Version of Karaoke Video Creator and Karaoke CD+G Creator has improved algorithm for lyrics recognition in CD+G import in Karaoke Software module. With this version our karaoke maker should get the lyrics almost 100% correct for most of the songs. Also it copes much better with CD+Gs that use fancy display modes (eg. from Karafun). We use advanced OCR (Optical character recognition, technology that convert graphics into text) algorithm to make editing CD+G easier and faster.

To import CD+G song select Import CD+G File command from File menu or click Import CD+G File button on the toolbar.

First you need to select file containing CD+G songs. Two file formats are supported — CDG BIN file. If you use CDG file, Karaoke Video Creator will automatically look for MP3 file of the same name and use it as a soundtrack.

If Insert ‘Clear Screen’ events automatically is checked, Karaoke Video Creator will detect when entire screen is erased in CD+G song and will insert ‘Clear Screen’ events at the same places in the imported song. This help to maintain the text flow for page-by-page songs (SoundChoice songs give very good results with this option enabled).

Import process takes a while (up to half a minute on a slower computer). Once it is completed you will see the imported lyrics in the lyrics editor. Please check for spelling mistakes, as some of the characters may be recognized incorrectly.

In this latest update, Version of Karaoke Video Creator and Karaoke CD+G Creator takes your karaoke experience to the next level. Now featuring an enhanced algorithm for lyrics recognition, your Karaoke CDG Machine will deliver almost perfect lyrics alignment for the majority of songs. Whether you’re importing CD+G files or dealing with fancy display modes like those from Karafun, our advanced OCR technology ensures swift and accurate conversion of graphics to text, making editing CD+G files easier and faster than ever before. Elevate your karaoke sessions with precision and ease – try it out today!

Moving Image Background added to Karaoke Converters

In version 2.1.12 of Power CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter and Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter we have introduced animated video backgrounds. Whenever the converter detects that background image file is at least twice as long as is it tall, an animated mode will be enabled and the image will be smoothly panned behind the lyrics. We have also added over a dozen images that use this mode.

Karaoke Video Converter animated background

In addition to the exciting animated video backgrounds, our latest update also brings enhanced compatibility with Karaoke Players, ensuring seamless playback of converted CD+G files. Now, enjoy your favorite karaoke tracks with vibrant visuals and flawless synchronization on any compatible device or Karaoke Player. Upgrade now to experience the ultimate karaoke entertainment!

Video and MP3 Converter with better background video support

We have updated Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter and Power CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter to version 2.1.11 with optimized algorithm for background video rendering. As a result new version should smoothly convert videos with HD/1080p backgrounds.

Additionally, we’re excited to introduce our latest offering, the Karaoke Video Maker, as part of the version 2.1.11 update. With enhanced algorithms for background video rendering, this feature ensures seamless conversion of CD+G songs into stunning HD/1080p videos, enriching your karaoke experience like never before. Upgrade now and unleash the full potential of your karaoke library!