Siglos Karaoke Professional Beta build 1.2.10

We’re excited to announce the release of a new build of Siglos Karaoke Professional, our powerful Karaoke Software solution. Download the latest version here:

Here is the list of changes in version 1.2.10:

  • Modified import dialog box — now it is possible to import using custom templates
  • Added disc track # and filename to the song list in database view
  • Database view is resizeable
  • Added partial match to global search (ie. ‘hot ea’ will find ‘Hotel California’ by ‘The Eagles’ and ‘On The Air’ by ‘Hot Dogs’)
  • Modified singer name display — text inside parentheses is hidden, so you may add extra text to differentiate singers (eg. ‘John (tall)’ versus ‘John (blonde)’)
  • Added singer rotation management
  • Settings does not stop the playback
  • It is now possible to add CD+G discs and files (not imported into the database) to the queue
  • Added ‘Rename singer’ to ‘Add Singer’ dialog
  • Added ‘Restart’ button
  • It is possible to display the remaining song time instead of current position (change in Settings)
  • Various minor tweaks and bugfixes

We are finishing the help file. One think I would like to ask you about is song list export — at the moment it is possible to export entire database to CSV or XML file (CSV file can be used in Excel). What else would you like to see there?