Siglos Karaoke Professional Beta Released

We’re excited to announce the beta version of Siglos Karaoke Professional, a powerful software designed specifically for professional karaoke use.

Siglos Karaoke Professional builds upon the popular Siglos platform but adds essential features crucial for professional KJs, including:

  • A singers queue to manage the order of singers and ensure a smooth flow during karaoke nights.
  • A comprehensive song database for easy access and organization of your music library.
  • Various features specifically tailored to enhance the professional karaoke experience.

As we would like to hear your opinion before making the program final, we have released beta version.

The beta can be downloaded from here.

The most important thing missing is the help file — we will add it early next week. Also couple of features did not make it to the beta, we will add them soon. Features that will be added in next iterations of beta are:

  • rotation management
  • improved database song import
  • hidden singer attribute
  • search improvements

We hope to release a new beta build Tuesday 18th.

If you would like to test Siglos Karaoke Professional please download it and request your beta unlock code from [email protected] .

Please email all bug reports, suggestion, and criticism to [email protected] . If you have information or questions that might help other testers please post here.

Active beta testers can count on free license or heavy discount when the program is released.